Shadow Jury

The Real Time Insights and Influence of a Shadow Jury

Information is power.

During the course of a trial, feedback about how the jury is responding to the case is usually limited to observing jurors’ nonverbal behaviors and gleaning some insight from their questions of witnesses. The one way to get unbiased and real-time feedback about reactions to witnesses, key evidence, and the overall case presentation is to employ a shadow jury (also known as a mirror jury). While it is impossible to exactly replicate the make-up of a trial jury, a group of representative shadow jurors provide daily feedback that can significantly alter the course of a trial.

Shadow jurors will never know for which side they are working, so feedback will be candid and unbiased. Mind Matters consultants will supervise the recruitment of shadow jurors, manage their behavior in court daily, and will meet with them to obtain feedback at least twice a day.

Insights garnered from use of a shadow jury can be used to strengthen witness testimony, identify when key messages are not getting through to the jury, and shape persuasive closing arguments.

“I have enjoyed working with Andrea and George for the past three years. They have assisted me with witness preparation, focus groups and jury selection. I have found both of them to be knowledgeable, engaging and easy to work with. They are always prepared and have a good understanding of the facts of each case and the challenges that each case poses. They are well versed in the psychology literature and are happy to share that information. Even the most likeable, confident witness benefits from George and Andrea’s observations regarding non-verbal communication and delivery of information. George and Andrea also have an uncanny ability to develop an ideal juror profile for each case and can usually predict who the presiding juror will be by the end of trial. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”DANA S. SCHEELEPartner
 Hoffman Hart & Wagner 
Portland, OR

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