Post-Trial Juror Interviews

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The Insights of Post Trial Juror Interviews

When the judge dismisses the case and the courtroom is emptied, there are still lessons to be learned from the jury. Whether the trial ended in your favor or not, the jurors who listened to and deliberated your case have a lot of crucial and worthwhile feedback to share. Sometimes jurors will linger in open court to answer counsels’ questions, but that often just scratches the surface of what jurors have to share.

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After the Trial

After a trial is over (and depending upon the venue), we frequently conduct detailed interviews with the actual trial jurors about their experience. This process allows litigation teams to learn:

  • What evidence or arguments were most persuasive? What was the jury’s overall view of the case?
  • Were any visual demonstratives especially useful or helpful?
  • Who were the strongest, most influential, witnesses?
  • Who were the weakest, or least helpful witnesses?
  • When did jurors begin to solidify their view of the case?
  • What happened in the deliberation room?
  • What aspects of the case consumed the most time during deliberations?
  • What questions remained unanswered for the jury?

Post trial juror insights help corporate and insurance clients appreciate the efforts of their trial counsel while helping litigators improve their strategies for future cases. Post-trial interviews can also provide valuable information about which expert witnesses are worth retaining again and which ones you should avoid.

For further information on this subject, read our blog: “What Jurors Think About You: Part 1 and Part 2"

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