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Strengthening Case Strategy by Understanding How Jurors Think

With each case, attorneys find themselves on the threshold of a daunting challenge. Facts are lined up on both sides, rulings are made, and a story that fits the evidence must be communicated. With their training, experience and typically outgoing personalities, most trial attorneys are quite adept at communicating.

In advocating their case, however, all attorneys are constrained by a legal system that is based on fundamental assumptions about reason, logic and how legal decisions should be made. Procedural rules, burdens of proof and rules of evidence create barriers that constantly interfere with an attorney’s efforts to persuade. The ways information must be presented at trial rarely fits with how people think about the world or make decisions.

Since we understand how people think, we will help you identify and tell a persuasive case story that will resonate with your decision-makers: the jury.

When jurors hear information that does not fit within, or is contrary to, their view of the world, they cannot make sense of it and that information will simply be disregarded. We often encounter this reality in litigation and politics. When preparing for trial and your respective case strategy, we will work with you to identify the aspects of your case that may be most difficult for jurors to understand or accept and then find strategies to either (1) work within jurors’ existing framework so it will make sense, or (2) activate an entirely new way of thinking about the issue.

Jury Selection  
“I had never worked with a trial consultant before meeting Andrea and after seeing her effect on some of my witnesses, I am a true convert. During our work together, her assistance has made a dramatic impact on the positive resolution of some of my [family law] cases. As just one example, she helped turn around one witness who was so emotional when she spoke that she was likely to irritate the judge. After a few hours of working with Andrea, however, this witness was able to express herself clearly, confidently and persuasively. As a result, the judge wound up granting all of this client’s requests on temporary matters and the opposing party was motivated to settle the remaining issues. Andrea knows how to calm witnesses down, help them figure out what needs to be said and the best way of saying it.”PAULA PRATTFounding Partner
 Pratt & Morrison, P.A. 
Winter Park, FL

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