Celebrating 10 Years of Service in 2017.


Mind Matters Jury Consulting

Seattle City Center
1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2200, Seattle, WA 98101

Call Us: 206-274-5300

Please feel free to contact our consultants individually at:

Dr. Andrea Blount Hunter: andrea@mmjury.com
Dr. George Hunter: george@mmjury.com
Shellie Witter: shellie@mmjury.com

Our Latest Insights:

Rethinking the “No Comment” Media Strategy

When corporations or professionals find themselves defending themselves in litigation that attracts media attention, the instinct is to respond to…

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Communicating with Jurors Through Stories

By Traci Feller, Ph.D.   When asked what was the earliest form of communication, you might think back to cave…

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Too Much Thinking Can be a Bad Thing

You may have heard the phrase “information overload” before, but new research has shown it is a real biological phenomenon….

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